Monday, April 4, 2005

Knitty Girls

Today is the first day of Intersession, and I'm teaching knitting and crochet. This go-round, it is all 6th graders and some of them already know how to knit. Today I had them make pom poms and taught those who didn't know, how to cast on and do the knit stitch. Some were more successful than others, of course. I'm on my own - no helpers except for Wednesday and Friday - but it went well.

I tried to show some episodes of Knitty Gritty, specifically the introductory one and the teen one. I had it hooked up through Tivo to Go. Unfortunately, there was some kind of thing with overlay and pixels and I have no idea what all, but even despite 45 minutes of troubleshooting and research, I couldn't get it to project. It turns out that I can't have it do dual-monitor, I have to project only in order for it to show up. So I should be able to do it tomorrow, but I put an episode on video tape just in case and will put another one on when I go to bed.

Tomorrow I'll teach crochet. I need to call the LYS and let them know that I'd like to bring the girls over on Wednesday so they can pick out some fancy yarn. I need to find out what my budget is, too! And make sure I have a driver.

Friday, February 18, 2005


This is an experiment, to have a blog about knitting, here.

This was a big knitting week. On Sunday, I went to Stitches West. Then on Wednesday, I hit a meetup in Saratoga. A little intense, but mostly fun. The meetup people were very impressed with the shadow scarf, especially that I designed it myself. They were very nice. Saratoga is not that far - only about 20 minutes! I had thought it was further. So I will go again. I'm not sure I'll make the weekly knit-in at Knitting Arts, but I might try. I guess I definitely won't this week, since I'll be in Saint Louis, being geeky at SIGCSE & the CS&IT Symposium. It should be fun!